Monday 26th February 2024 saw the return of our annual inter-club quiz, with six teams entering to compete for the much coveted Old Cranks trophy. Tradition states that the winners of the previous quiz had to set the questions, leaving us all at the mercy of Blackburn and District's exceptionally strict quiz-master. As usual, the quiz was held at Boyce's Barrel in Colne, with the staff (being keen Chopper enthusiasts) entering their own team this year.

Six teams took part in the seven round competition, starting by identifying the pubs central to local towns and villages, then moving on to rounds including 'Sport', 'Literature and Spelling' and 'Maths and Science'. We wisely decided to play our joker on the "Maths and Science' round, earning us double points for 9/10 correct answers.

This brought us to half time, and pie time, with a traditional Pie and Pea supper.

Points at the half way stage running very close:

BB1-BB18 48 1/2 points
Burnley & Pendle 46 1/2 points
Pendle Dyslexia 46 points
Barlick Clarion I 29 points
Dope Pedallers 28 points
Barlick Clarion II 26 points


Supper over, and we continued with the final three rounds leaving the final points tally (in order) at:

1st Place BB1 - BB18 73 1/2 points
2nd Place Pendle Dyslexia 67 points
3rd Place Burnley & Pendle 66 1/2 points
  Dope Pedallers 60 points
  Barlick Clarion I 55 points
  Barlick Clarion II 52 points


Congratulations Blackburn & District, you get to keep the dubious honour of setting next years questions.