Four of us left Gisburn bright and early today for an epic ride over Kingsdale and Dentdale.

Heading up through Rathmell towards Settle, then via Lawkland and Austwick to Clapham for the first brew stop of the day. Leaving Clapham we took the main road to Ingleton, to speed things along and get the bulk of the climbing out of the way before the afternoon heat.

After turning right out of Ingleton and up towards Kingsdale, David-L left us leaving myself, David T and Roger to tackle the climbs up to Dent. Kingsdale has spectacular views, and we even got a sneak preview of the clubs new arial support vehicle at the top!. (see photos)

After a picnic lunch in Dent car park, nicely shaded under a large tree, we turned towards Dentdale, and the pull up past Dent Viaduct.

Dropping down to Ribblehead, we stopped to replenish our dwindling water supplies, before stopping at Blind Becks, where the temperature was approaching 38 degrees!. We needed a well deserved break from the sun, and some tea and cakes!

Mostly downhill from here, we dropped through Selside to Horton in Ribblesdale, through Helwith Bridge, and over Stackhouse Lane back to Settle and the return via Rathmell.

... and... with the heat... My Jelly Babies had melted into a right sticky mess!. - Disaster!