We have two trophies that are awarded every year at our annual Christmas dinner. Starting in 2020, the criteria for awarding these trophies will be as follows:

Bill Heywood Trophy

The Bill Heywood trophy is awarded based on the committee’s recommendations on a members achievements throughout the year, this recommendation may result in opening the award up to a members vote at the A.G.M.

Jack Harrison Trophy

Members accumulate points throughout the year by joining club rides, attending club social events, and attending the groups A.G.M. at the beginning of November. The member with the most points at the end of October will be presented with the trophy at the annual Christmas Dinner.

Points will only be awarded to full Cycling UK members, new members only becoming eligible on production of their membership card.

In detail points will be awarded as follows...

Ride / Event Points
Complete the majority of a published ride with the club - Sunday and Midweek, including any rides on a club trip. It is the ride leader’s (or proxy's) responsibility to report attendance to the committee after each ride. 10
Attending a club social event. 5
Attend the groups A.G.M. 10

The points 'year' runs from 1 Nov to 31 October. (This is to allow time to total the points and get the trophies engraved for presentation at the annual Christmas Dinner.

To prevent monopolisation, members will not be eligible to win the trophy two years consecutively.

Obviously, for this to work, it is important that an attendance report is sent to the committee after every ride, so that the points total can be maintained. We are therefore asking all our ride leaders (or a proxy if a ride has no leader), to email rider lists in after each ride. (please send to Mark Clegg and Jim Duerden). Attendance must be reported within 3 weeks of the event in order to count.