A few weeks ago we reported about the proposed rebrand of CTC to Cycling UK.  As you will no doubt be aware, the rebrand has now gone through, but not without comment.

Former CTC Council member, Philip Benstead submitted a petition, signed by many of our members, asking that the re-brand was put to a full membership vote.

The latest issue of Cycling should have arrived through your letterbox in the past few days, and includes a voting form (on the back of the address insert) in which all members can now vote to either accept the re-brand, or ask for it to be reverted back to CTC.

We would like to ask our members to read this, along with the associated articles on pages 7 - 10, and vote on this important issue.

Just to confirm our committe's message from the initial announcement:

"Specifically for Burnley and Pendle CTC members, we will not be changing our name or identity. We will continue to be known as Burnley and Pendle CTC, and will retain our current club clothing designs."