The current government guidelines for Covid-19 changed on 29th March, allowing the "Rule of Six" to once again come into effect for outdoor meetings and activities.

There are also exceptions for larger groups for "organised group rides", under the banner of sporting activities, but we are currently being cautious as to how this applies to our more socially oriented rides and lunch stops.

With this in mind, our committee will be meeting next week to discuss our return to group cycling, with a view to restarting club rides shortly after May 17th, when the outdoor restriction on social gatherings increases to 30 people.

This is, of course, all dependant on the Government roadmap and the UK's Covid-19 recovery going to plan.

In the meantime, as we're all looking forward to meeting up again, we encourage our members to informally meet up for small "bubble rides" of no more than six.

Looking forwards to seeing you all in the non-too-distant future.