Sunday 29th April 2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the last remaining Clarion House at Newchurch in Pendle.

The CTC has had a close association with the Clarion Clubs for many years. The Clarion House at Newchurch is staffed by volunteers, several of whom are also members of Burnley and Pendle CTC.

Burnley and Pendle CTC have used the Clarion House as a venue for previous celebrations such as the 80th Anniversary of our club back in June 2007.

We decided that we would mark the Centenary of the Clarion House by providing three guided rides, Long, Short and Extra Short, each of which would call at the venue.

Unfortuneatley the weather on the day was absolutley horrendous with very strong and cold blustery wind and torrential rain. Not surprisingly, in the circumstances, the turn out on the rides was rather low. One rider from the Extra Short and two from the short ride made it to the Clarion House, and headed straight for the open fire to dry out. The riders on the long ride didn't make it back to the Clarion, having decided to cut their ride short and head home. We were joined at the Clarion by one of our members who had walked there and two couples that had driven their. The majority of the other visitors had intended to mark the occassion by walking from nearby locations such as Barley, but due to the weather conditions had ended up catching the bus instead.

After a couple of hours drying out and several large mugs of tea while chatting to the other attendees, I put my not so waterproof layers back on for the short ride back to Burnley, at least I had the wind behind me for this last stretch. By John Ramsden. Photo by Andrew Walsh.