Bolton:by-Bowland was to-day invaded by 600 cyclists from all parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire.
Bicycles and tandems were stacked in hundreds against the ancient buildings while their owners swarmed round the stone cross and the village green, rambled the country lanes, and inspected a camp of gaily-coloured tents in which 200 cyclists spent the night after pedaling from towns as far removed as Darlington.
These campers, 50 of them girls, had brought their own food and cooked it in the open.

Hikers Defined

This afiernoon the cyclists assembled on the village green. and listened to an hour's speech-making, chiefly devoted to the aims of the Cyclists’ Touring Cluly, the North Lancashire association of which has promoted the rally. They were joined by 50 ramblers, who were amused when one speaker defined hikers as ‘people who can’'t ride bicycles.' 
So far from cyclists being driven off the road by motor-cars, the reverse might occur, another speaker asserted, 
He read a letter from a Southampton man who said that he had been compelled by his wife, her mother and their niece to drive motor-cars, so he hated them. (He meant motor-cars.)

Pity the Motorists

“Always be sorry for motorists,” the speaker added “They may be enduring misery at the command of their womenfolk.™
Pleas were made for the preservation of the countryside and I saw one cyclist peel an apple and carefully put the peel into his pocket,
The village constable told me the eyclists were Bolton-by-Bowland’s most orderly visitors. 
“Marry a cyclist” was the advice of a Liverpool veteran. A  Yorkshire member had evidently done so as he turned off with his wife riding tandem with a baby in a sidecar attached to the machine.