Cyclig Wedding at Foulridge

"Daisy Bell" Send-off

A bride in plus fours — such was the unusual sight at a wedding of two cyclists in the little chapel at Foulridge, near Colne, early this morning.

The bride was Miss Ethel Rushton, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs F. Rushton, of Bright street, Colne, and the bride-groom was Mr Edwin Storey, only son of Mr and the late Mrs P. Storey, of 1 Reedymoor-terrace, Foulridge.

Long before the streets were busy this morning the best man, Mr A, Barnes, had called at the house of Miss Rushton, and together they cycled to the house of one of the bridesmaids at Foulridge. All the parties then cycled to the church. The minister, the Rev. R. G. Pittam, also came to the church an a bicycle.

Although it was only eight o’clock, and the time of the wedding had been kept secret, a good number of people were in the church when the ceremony began.

Open Necked Shirts

Dressed in a fawn tweed plus-four suit and a suede leather waterproof jacket, the bride was attended by two bridesmaids, Miss Mary Rushton and Miss Muriel Pickles. The groomsman was Mr H. Brookes. All the attendants wore riding kit — plus fours or cycling trousers — and the bridegroom, the best man, and the groomsman wore open-necked cricket shirts,

A great many of the weavers in Foulridge village had deserted their looms to greet the bride and bridegroom as they left the church, and they gathered outside the building towards the close of the service.

The party left the church under a shower of confetti of a novel kind, consisting of tiny blue cop-ends, which the weavers had gathered hastily before they left their looms.

No reception was held, and the whole party set out to cycle to Southport, where the honeymoon is to be spent. All of them are keen members of the Nelson section of the Cyclists’ Touring Club, and have done a great amount of ecycling during past years,

There were resounding cheers as the party began their long journey, and they pedalled out of sight to the strains of “Daisy Bell.”