Burnley and Pendle

Cyclists Touring Club

Quiz Night - 17th February 2020

The most closely fought competition in recent years actually started out with us thinking this years quiz might not even happen. A confusion over the booking left our four eager quiz teams stood out in the cold after finding our usual venue was, in fact, closed.

Not to be deterred, our Quiz organiser, lept into action, and secured us an alternate venue for the night in the Red Lion, just a short walk down the road.  We forgive them for having their function room decked out for a Baby Shower, given that they made the room available for us with only 5 minutes notice. Our heartfelt thanks go our to the proprietors at the Red Lion for coming to our rescue.

Getting down to business, with Blackburn & District CTC settings this years questions (a dubious honour always extended to last years winners). competition was fierce. We had six rounds of general knowledge questions, along with two picture rounds and a music round. An interesting addition this year, was an Only-Connect inspired "Link" round where we had to identify the link between the answers to four clues (Not as hard as the real Only Connect, we must admit).

As usual, proceedings were interrupted half way through with a Pie & Pea supper.

And the results were...

Place Team Points
4th Barnoldswick Clarion  71 
3rd Pendle Forrest  76 ½ 
2nd Blackburn & District  77 
1st Burnley & Pendle  77 ½ 

So congratulations this year goes to ourselves!, and a big well done to all those that took part.


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