Burnley and Pendle

Cyclists Touring Club

Quiz Night - 2019

Five teams gathered in Boyces Barrel in Colne for this years annual quiz night.

As is tradition, last years winners had the enviable task of being this years question setters, and Pendle Forrest really gave us a challenging night, starting with a picture round, identifying famous people on their bikes - none of whom were actually cyclists!.

Then followed six question rounds, on various subjects: general knowledge, history, and a hidden connection round, where all the answers had a common theme.

Between the rounds, we were treated to a Pie and Pea supper, which always goes down well on our Quiz Nights.

And the final scores were...

 1st Place Team Dirk (Blackburn & District) 58 points
 2nd Place Under Pressure (Burnley & Pendle) 54 points
 3rd Place Barlick Clarion 46 points
 4th Blackburn Tea Bags (Blackburn & District) 43 points
 5th Magic Tricycle (Burnley & Pendle) 38 points

Well done to Blackburm & District - we look forward to you setting next years questions.



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