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Birthday Rides 2018

This years Birthday Rides was hosted at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire from 13th - 19th August.

Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the CTC, three of our members attended this year for a weeks rides around Staffordshire with approximately 400 other riders from around the country.


We picked the first day for our longest ride, a 65 mile round trip to Ironbridge on the River Severn to see "The Iron Bridge" - the first major bridge in the world made of cast iron.  Little did we know it was undergoing restoration work, and was enclosed in scaffolding and plastic sheets, so we couldn't actually see it. (see photos and inset of what we were expecting).

IMG_4600.jpg IMG_4601.jpg IMG_4604.jpg

IMG_4605.jpg IMG_4607.jpg IMG_4608.jpg

IMG_4610.jpg IMG_4611.jpg IMG_4613.jpg

IMG_4616.jpg IMG_6950.JPG IMG_6951.JPG

IMG_6972.JPG shot0001.jpg shot0004.jpg

shot0006.jpg shot0013.jpg shot0014.jpg


On Wednesday, we again headed east to Audlem and Market Drayton, where the street market was in full swing. Unfortunately our route was closed with a trench across the road making it impassable on the way back, so we had to venture off-road across a corn field to get back on track.

IMG_4624.jpg IMG_4625.jpg IMG_4626.jpg

IMG_4630.jpg IMG_4632.jpg IMG_4633.jpg

IMG_4635.jpg IMG_4636.jpg IMG_6962.JPG

shot0001.jpg shot0002.jpg shot0003.jpg

shot0004.jpg shot0006.jpg shot0007.jpg


Again heading east, we picked a more circular route, heading out through Market Drayton (a little quieter on non-market day), and Newport, stopping to look at the remains of Croxton Abbey en-route. (and again bypassing the road works across the corn field).

IMG_4638.jpg IMG_4639.jpg IMG_4640.jpg

IMG_4641.jpg IMG_4643.jpg IMG_4645.jpg

IMG_4647.jpg IMG_4648.jpg shot0001.jpg



Heading int he opposite direction today, into the small town of Alton (close to Alton Towers), lunching at the Rambers Retreat (recommended).

This was our shortest ride, of just 43 miles.

IMG_4650.jpg IMG_4652.jpg IMG_4653.jpg

IMG_4655.jpg IMG_4657.jpg IMG_4658.jpg

IMG_4660.jpg IMG_4664.jpg IMG_4667.jpg

IMG_4668.jpg shot0001.jpg shot0002.jpg


Our last day, and possibly the best of the week, we followed almost the same route as Tuesday, but stopping at RAF Cosford for an hour to look around the RAF museum.

IMG_4671.jpg IMG_4673.jpg IMG_4674.jpg

IMG_4675.jpg IMG_4676.jpg IMG_4679.jpg

IMG_4681.jpg IMG_4682.jpg IMG_4683.jpg

IMG_4687.jpg IMG_4688.jpg IMG_4689.jpg

IMG_4691.jpg IMG_4693.jpg IMG_4694.jpg

IMG_4695.jpg IMG_4696.jpg IMG_4697.jpg

IMG_4699.jpg IMG_4700.jpg IMG_6964.JPG

shot0002.jpg shot0003.jpg


With cafe stops aplenty, we didn't go hungry or short of coffee. In fact we were spoint for choice at times.

A good job really, as we covered 265 miles over our five days, with 13,000ft of ascent!.