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Dumfries and Galloway Weekend - July 2018

Our second long weekend away, saw 12 members heading to Dumfries and Galloway, staying in the Dumfries Premier Inn, Travelodge and a local Caravan Site.  We choose these hotels because they are kind enough to allow us to store out bikes in our rooms.

As we do on our regular Sunday rides at home, we split into two groups, offering a choice of short or long rides. There's a bit of a mixture described here as the two groups mixed and matched over the weekend.


A short explaratory ride as we got our bearings, with Harry preaching the virtues of two wheels to the already converted.

DSCN3442.jpg DSCN3443.jpg DSCN3445.jpg

DSCN3446.jpg DSCN3447.jpg DSCN3448.jpg


The long ride set off along the old military road to Castle Douglas (we couldn't find a castle!) for toasted teacakes, and then on to Kirkcudbridge on the coast, where we negotiated what was labelled on our OS maps as the "DANGER AREA", an MOD firing range. With the possibility of live shells and tanks, we stuck closely to the road.  Luckily the red flags weren't flying, so we were perfectly safe, and enjoyed fantastic views across the Solway Firth to Silloth and Maryport, with the Lake District mountains in the background.
At Dundrennan, we stopped again for afternoon tea and met a tandem couple from Bolton who owned a B&B nearby. Chatting gave us some good route options for the next day. (Kippford Beach - see photos).

On the way back we spotted what we beleive were Red Kite on several occasions.

DSCN3454.jpg DSCN3455.jpg IMG_4485.jpg

IMG_4486.jpg IMG_4491.jpg IMG_4492.jpg

IMG_4496.jpg IMG_4498.jpg IMG_4499.jpg

IMG_4501.jpg IMG_4504.jpg IMG_4505.jpg

IMG_4508.jpg IMG_4509.jpg IMG_4510.jpg

IMG_4512.jpg IMG_4513.jpg shot0002.jpg

shot0009.jpg shot0030.jpg


As both groups had similar goals today, we decided to meet at Southerness Point for lunch, and ride together then onwards.

For the long ride, we wanted to complete the Solway coastal route we'd started covering on Saturday, so we headed out to Dalbeattie then followed the coastline to Kippford Beach which is composes entirely of Clamshells (see photos).  The road doesn't go any further here, so we found a rough track along the coast until we reached tarmac a little further on, and then the road to Southerness Point.

After lunch we all returned via New Abbey and Sweetheart Abbey.

DSCN3460.jpg DSCN3461.jpg DSCN3462.jpg

DSCN3465.jpg IMG_4518.jpg IMG_4522.jpg

IMG_4525.jpg IMG_4526.jpg IMG_4527.jpg

IMG_4530.jpg IMG_4531.jpg IMG_4533.jpg

IMG_4534.jpg IMG_4537.jpg IMG_4542.jpg

IMG_4545.jpg IMG_4546.jpg shot0001.jpg

shot0015.jpg shot0017.jpg


With some members wanting to spend time in Dumfries, only one group rode out today, heading down the River Nith and east to Annan for lunch.  Here a couple left us as they were driving home that evening.

The rest of us then headed north to Lockerbie, and the memorial gardens of the 1988 air disaster - quite a sobering moment.

With the intention to return via Ae Village, we encountered a longish track, some very nosey cows, and a little light rain, so divered back to out hotels for the evening.

DSCN3468.jpg DSCN3469.jpg IMG_4548.jpg

IMG_4550.jpg IMG_4551.jpg IMG_4555.jpg

IMG_4556.jpg IMG_4557.jpg IMG_4559.jpg

IMG_4560.jpg IMG_4561.jpg IMG_4562.jpg

IMG_4563.jpg shot0003.jpg shot0006.jpg

shot0016.jpg shot0028.jpg


With the remainder of our party heading home, a couple of us decided a final short morning ride was still in order, so we made a quick trip back to New Abbey for morning coffee. A stray calf en-route added to the entertainment as we helped heard it back towards it's calling mother in the adjacent field.

IMG_4567.jpg IMG_4570.jpg IMG_4571.jpg

shot0002.jpg shot0004.jpg shot0005.jpg


And finally...

Just a few general shots around Dumfries and a group shot from one of our evening meals.

DSCN3472.jpg DSCN3475.jpg DSCN3477.jpg

IMG_4517.jpg shot0034.jpg shot0036.jpg