Burnley and Pendle

Cyclists Touring Club

Ride Leader Workshop

On 19th september 2015, the CTC launched a series of Ride Leader Workshops, to be held around the country over the following months.. We were lucky enough to secure a couple fo places on the first of these workshops, held in at the Palatine Sports Centre, in Blackpool

This was a chance for both new and experience ride leaders to discuss various topics that add up to a successful ride, and ride leader, and was attended by approximately 20 cyclists from the CTC and affiliated clubs.

Topics included

  • Examining what makes an enjoyable ride and a good Ride Leader
  • Understanding what information ride participants need ahead of the ride
  • Examining how to plan a good group ride
  • Introduction to CTC's current Policies and Procedures in relation to leading rides
  • Understanding how to lead a group ride
  • Providing an opportunity for knowledge-sharing and networking for existing and future Ride Leaders
  • Examining further training and development opportunities
  • Providing an opportunity to go on a group ride with other participants down the seafront to Lytham

Burnley and Pendle members, Jim Duerden and Mark Clegg are pictured above along with their certificates of attendance.


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