Burnley and Pendle

Cyclists Touring Club

C.T.C. Notes - The Club Heralds in the New Year - 1929

On New Year’s Eve, the local section the Cyclists’ Touring Club carried out annual custom of riding out to a catering establishment, situated about eight miles away, there to partake of a Potato Pie Supper and to enjoy an impromptu social evening, then at midnight to ride the old year out and the New Year in.

Our old friend "Derailleur,” having promised to take a lady friend (who is a piano expert), I awaited their first attempt on a tandem with interest. Having adjusted the rear saddle of the tandem, and got the music strapped on behind, the small party, accompanied by -the section secretary, Mrs. Hudson, set out for the aforementioned caterer’s

Taking a glance at the clock at the Nelson and Colne Boundary, and finding the time later than we had thought, I told friend "Derailleur” to "step on ’em," which he did, to his lady partner’s horror and to my sorrow. Thereafter, the "hon. sec.” and myself tried to keep up to him, still, it enabled us to get our legs under the table before the rest of the club had demolished the good things thereon.

After support had been disposed of, I took a glance round the empty tables, and counted thirty-three round, shiny faces, and adding my own made thirty-four cyclists who had determined to show the New Year that cycling is not declining. The smokers pulling pipes and cigarettes out, (and one misguided youth, a cigar), we cleared the tables away for the evening’s fun. The first call was for the pianist, who played a few community songs to get things into good working order. Tom Hargreaves, who volunteered to sing "The Village Blacksmith" vas followed. by Harry Nutter, who came forward with "When other lips," "Raymond," the Brierfield Adonis then sang "I don’t care what you used to be,” and the company showed their appreciation by telling him that they knew what he was that day. A pianoforte solo, "D’eau Arabesque" was then enjoyed by the members.

After several appeals for a game, the misguided youth, having recovered from the effects of his cigar, suggested that the ladies should be given a trip to Brighton. Judging by the amount of laughter this game produced, the ladies thoroughly enjoyed the trip though some of them did complain about the bumpiness of the track, and in the case of "Millie," one station refused to stay on the railway line. The clock then showing 11-30 we finished by singing Auld Lang Syne.

Lamps were lit, and, led by our treasurer "Bill” Lord, we started for home, and had just reached the county boundary when 12 o'clock struck, the New Year being heralded in by a carillon of more or less musical cycle bells. On reaching Nelson, the party gradually dwindled, till at last only the Burnley members and "Raymond," were left. Thus we symbolised once again that cycling is till an all year pastime for many of us yet.


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